From a spiritual perspective sadness is the result of one common mistake, the belief that we’ve separated from God.  This is always the underlying cause.

In moments of sadness and fear it is important to remind ourselves that God is omnipotent.  He is all encompassing.  “What is all encompassing has no opposite”.-ACIM  All encompassing includes YOU.  Any deviation from that law is simply an illusory belief that shuts us off from His joy.  We can never feel sadness or experience fear unless we foster a belief that we’ve somehow disconnected from Him.

This is not to deny the cruelty that exists in this world.  We may still be short on the rent.  We may have experienced loss or been betrayed.  Circumstances in the world may unfold in an unexpected way.  Shit happens.  Nonetheless, we have two viewpoints from which to choose to look at life circumstances. We can look at it through the lens of fear or love.  The ability to access the miracle that heals us from the cruelty is dependent on THAT choice.

If we choose fear, we are looking at our problems from the “little separate me” standpoint.  From here we see ourselves fragmented and separated from others.  We identify with our life circumstance.   We feel vulnerable because it’s us against the world, often trying to fight God.  From this standpoint we’re vulnerable to the fear and the sadness you would expect from this limited position.

However, from the viewpoint of love you accept that you are interconnected to a Self-organizing and Self-correcting universe.  Your Self identification is placed in what is all encompassing.  Faith is placed in something much bigger than the little separate person most of us have come to identify with.  Silence within replaces the mental chatter  that kept you prisoner.   A Higher Intelligence directs you where action is required (if action is required at all).  Your awareness is now expanded and you can recognize solutions.  You are no longer closing off the stream of love that is rightfully yours.  The space for miracles to happen is now open.

The human condition is such that choosing identification with Oneness can be perceived as difficult thing to do.  This is understandable considering the extensive mental conditioning we experience in this world.  Nonetheless each opportunity of hardship gives us the practice we need to gain the spiritual vision we desire.  The next time you feel sad ask yourself “From which standpoint am I viewing this?”