A Course in Miracles has had such a profound change in the way I experience life.  I’ve always considered myself a “spiritual” person.  Over the last 10 years I’ve made conscious investments of time, money and energy in self-development.  I’ve taken self development courses, learned the practice of hypnotherapy and enlisted myself on constant spiritual reading binges.  Concurrently I’ve adapted a regimen of meditation.  I’ve had the pleasure of measurable self evolvement and greater peace in my life because of my intent and practice.  But never has the experiential growth been so dramatic as when I became a student of A Course In Miracles.

A Course In Miracles is a self-study mind training curriculum.  I’ve owned the course book for over 10 years.  My first introduction was through a friend who mention in conversation.  The name of the book stuck in my mind.  Shortly after that conversation I found myself walking the isle of a book store when suddenly my attention was drawn to a navy blue book on the bottom of a shelf.  Coincidently the book was A Course In Miracles.  I was far enough in my spiritual journey not to write off such synchronistic event.  In that moment I knew I needed to take the Course home with me, and so I did.

Words can never describe the magnitude and depth of knowledge that I’ve discovered.  I don’t claim to be an expert of the course, but as a student I can speak of the vast and deep seeded peace I’ve come to enjoy because of the course work and its teachings.  Things that once worried me now seem humorous.  There is less clutter in mind and clarity is more accessible.  More than ever, anxiety about the future is not there.  Deep urges to find happiness in outwardly things no longer drive the focus of my attention.  I no longer look at the past with regret.  My sense of value comes from a deep seeded anchor to the Oneness I’ve come to know as God.