If you’re not familiar with A Course in Miracles you should know that the course is a radical teaching that shifts how we see the world. This isn’t a course in superficial niceness or “be good and you’ll go to heaven.” This is a course that asks you to radically change your thinking about the world and how everything works. It asks that you look within for answers and open your mind to the abstract. In doing so you learn that the world you’ve come to interpret with your physical eyes is not what it seems.

The Course refers to two worlds, illusion (world of perception) and Reality (Truth). In the world of perception we’re subject to misunderstandings and false interpretations which cause fear. We adapt a belief that we’ve separated from God (Love) and that we exist as separate bodies. In this belief of separation we are not whole and believe that we need to seek completeness in external things and circumstances. In our search for wholeness we experience suffering and disappointment because nothing in this perceptual world is permanent. It can never fulfill us with lasting contentment because it is subject to time, change, and destruction.

In Truth we ARE already whole. We don’t “need” things (people or experiences) to come into that recognition. Being extensions of God, our worth has already been established as perfect. The world of Truth is an experience of the unchanging and unalterable. It is a recognition of Reality as complete, eternal, without suffering or death.To recognize Truth seemingly requires an undoing of all the dysfunctional thinking we’ve learned from this world. Our thinking needs a complete reversal of how we believe the world works and what it isThe Course offers a curriculum for which the mind is trained to see beyond it. The practice of Course principles brings to our awareness faulty thinking.

One of the Course’s central themes and tools it offers, is forgiveness. Forgiveness is to overlook, withdraw meaning and accept only love or a call to love as truth. In doing so we train the mind to let go of guilt, release judgement and heal our misperception of separation. When our perception is shifted, we experience nothing less than miracles.

The Course teaches us that we have the guidance of an Inner Voice, also known as the Holy Spirit, to support us on this journey. The Holy Spirit is the mediator between the perception and Truth. And as the mediator, the Holy Spirit serves as our guide. Our only requirement is a willingness to listen. By aligning our thoughts in the likeness of Love we allow the Holy Spirit to show us the way.

A Course in Miracles is not a religion nor is there a central organization seeking membership.  The course is aligned with all universal spiritual truths.  Although it uses the name of Jesus and words like Holy Spirit in its text, it has no intent of indoctrination.  It is simply a language set. You can substitute the word Jesus for Buddha or God with Love, it really doesn’t matter.

The course’s aim is at “removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance.” Everything we’ve ever wanted we already have.

We are taught that we are still connected to God (wholeness). We are an extension of love. We are here to experience and extend love. Upon extending love we are reminded of the love that we are. The love that we are is eternal, forever, without past, without future, right now and without death. Heaven is not a destination but a Reality right NOW.  We all have the potential to become great avatars and the course is one path, among many, to support the awakening.