Aim of the Course

This e-course aims at providing an easy to understand overview of the A Course Miracles, simplify central teachings, and help support you on your journey with ACIM mind training tools and Spiritual Awakening.

Who is this eCourse for?

This e-course was created for new students of A Course in Miracles. It serves to introduce the Course, its teachings and over arching principles in a simplified manner. It may be helpful for those who’ve only had the chance to “dabble” in some of its text, but have not yet committed to doing the Course with a sense of discipline. This is an introduction to key metaphysical principles as taught in A Course in Miracles (which may or may not be taught in the same manner as other metaphysical teachings).

Expected Results

As a result of doing this e-course you will walk away with an intellectual foundation and broad understanding of the Course and its philosophy. This online resource will help ease the mind that may otherwise feel daunted by the density of the text and heavy use of Christian language (which can become confusing to many students and often the reason why they delay doing the Course.) 

What are the Central Themes Covered in this eCourse?

  • The Course’s Origins, its Components and Christian Language Set
  • Willingness
  • The Course’s Introduction
  • Heaven and Hell
  • The “Separation” and the Ego
  • Forgiveness
  • The Miracle

Course Materials

Access to Internet