Host a Screening

Sharing the JOY…

Hosting a screening event is an easy and effective way to dive deeper into the teachings of A Course in Miracles. Whether you organize a small group at a private residence or an event with your church or course group, it is certain to spark dialogue, deep thought, and insight that will inspire and fuel our awakening.

If you’re inspired to get the word out, foster discussion and dive into the movie’s message, here’s how:

  • For small groups showing in homes, I suggest you buy the DVD,  invite your friends over, and enjoy the film!
  • For Screenings of more than 10 people we offer a $150 screening fee. This includes a DVD and the public license to show it to your group.

The film’s director is also available for speaking engagements and private screenings. Fees vary based on location.

To book your ACIM Documentary Screening please email us at: