The happenings in the video below corresponds to a story shared on the podcast. Take a look!

Our cows were in need of new grass pasture. However, moving them into a pasture, that would provide them with all their needs, was tough because they didn’t want to give up the “scraps” in their current pasture. Not knowing what lie ahead for them, they were settling for far too little. However, using the salt block, we tricked them into following us into the new area. When they realized they were in greater pastures, they quickly forgot about the salt block and basked in their new “world.”

Analogously we too get caught up with “scraps” when we get caught up with “wants” of this world. All the while there is a world (Peace) that awaits our recognition…and would fulfill all of our needs. The salt block symbolizes the “inspiration” the Holy Spirit uses to guide us back to that state of mind. Our problem isn’t that we ask for too much but that we ask for too little.